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Infrapatellar Branch of Saphenous Nerve (Right)
Nervous System

Infrapatellar Branch of Saphenous Nerve (Right)

Ramus infrapatellaris nervi sapheni

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As the saphenous nerve exits from the adductor (or subsartorial) canal, it gives off an infrapatellar branch.


The infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve pierces the fascia lata to become cutaneous. It runs superficially in an arc-like course between the apex of the patella cranially and the tibial tubercle caudally.


There are no named branches, however, the infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve ends in the form of two superior and inferior terminal branches which unite with the following branches to form a peripatellar plexus of nerves:

—anterior cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve;

—medial crural branches of the saphenous nerve (below the knee);

—lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (on the lateral border of the patellar ligament).

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The infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve is a purely sensory nerve that innervates the anteromedial aspect of the knee, from the lower patella to the upper anterior portion of the leg, as well as the anteroinferior part of the knee joint capsule.

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The saphenous nerve is a branch of the femoral nerve, which descends into the medial aspect of the leg within the subcutaneous tissue, superficial to the deep fascia.

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