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Communicating Branch to Iliohypogastric Nerve (Left)
Nervous System

Communicating Branch to Iliohypogastric Nerve (Left)

Ramus communicans nervi iliohypogastricus

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The communicating branch to iliohypogastric nerve originates from the subcostal nerve, just lateral to the spinal column.


From its origin the communicating branch descends vertically and takes a short course, along the medial border of psoas major, to connect with the iliohypogastric nerve (Netter, 2011).


As this branch is a communicating branch, it does not give off any branches.

Supplied Structures

The communicating branch sends fibers to the iliohypogastric nerve. These supply sensory innervation to the skin over the hypogastric (pubic bone) region, upper thigh, and lateral gluteal region.


Netter, F. H. (2011) Atlas of Human Anatomy. Netter Basic Science Series: Saunders/Elsevier.

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