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Olfactory Bulb
Nervous System

Olfactory Bulb

Bulbus olfactorius

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Quick Facts

Location: Located between the inferior surface of the cerebral cortex and the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone.

Branches: Olfactory tract.

Supply: Conveys the sense of smell.

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The olfactory bulb sits just intracranially to the cribriform plate. It receives input from olfactory nerves located in the nasal epithelium.


At its posterior margin, the olfactory bulb becomes the olfactory tract.

Supplied Structures

The olfactory bulb is sensory, organizing and conveying the sense of smell. Fibers from the olfactory bulb travel posteriorly in the olfactory tract to reach the olfactory cortex in the temporal lobe of the brain.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Anosmia

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Olfactory Bulb

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Once in the OB, young neurons move radially away from the RMS and differentiate into fully mature neurons, a process that takes 5–10 days (Petreanu and Alvarez-Buylla, 2002).

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