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Middle Cerebellar Peduncle (Posterior; Right)
Nervous System

Middle Cerebellar Peduncle (Posterior; Right)

Pedunculus cerebellaris medius

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Quick Facts

The middle cerebellar peduncle (aka brachium points) is the largest of the cerebellar peduncles. The fibers originate in the pontine nucleus, cross the midline in the basilar pons and emerge on the opposite side as large bundles along the lateral side of the pontine tegmentum into the cerebellum.

Some uncrossed pontocerebellar fibers in this peduncle are distributed chiefly to the cortex of the cerebellar hemisphere with some collateral fibers passing to the cerebellar nuclei.

Fibers of the pontine nuclei primarily relay motor signals from the primary motor cortex to the cerebellum to modulate motor outputs of the brain.

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Middle Cerebellar Peduncle

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The paired middle cerebellar peduncles arise from the lateral borders of the pons and dive deeply into the cerebellar hemispheres, enclosed by a superior and inferior rim of cerebellum.

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