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Denticulate Ligament (Thoracic; Right)
Nervous System

Denticulate Ligament (Thoracic; Right)

Ligamentum denticulatum

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The denticulate ligaments are thin sheets of collagen that extend laterally from the spinal pia mater. They extend out and form triangular shaped attachments to the overlying dura mater.

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The denticulate ligaments extend from the foramen magnum rostrally down to the level of the T12 vertebra caudally. On each side, there are typically 18-21 triangular extensions which attach to the spinal dura mater, lateral to the spinal cord. They are thought to help stabilize the spinal cord. The lateral extensions of the denticulate ligaments can be seen laying between the dorsal and ventral nerve roots.

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Denticulate Ligaments

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Each denticulate ligament is a collagenous, triangular-shaped serrated ribbon coursing the length of the cord.

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