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Lower Germinal Matrix

Lower Germinal Matrix

Matrix epithelialis

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Quick Facts

A germinal matrix is an area of reproducing cells, such as the nail matrix. The hair matrix is in the epidermal root of the hair follicle (Dorland, 2011).

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The germinal matrix lies just above the dermal papilla at the base of the hair bulb. It is a mitotically active region composed of a mixture of cells including melanocytes and Langerhans cells but is predominantly composed of pluripotent keratinocytes.


The keratinocytes and melanocytes of the hair matrix are responsible for developing the pigmented hair shaft within the follicle, therefore is referred to as the site of hair growth as it causes the hair to elongate. As the pluripotent cells differentiate and develop, they migrate upwards towards the top of the hair bulb. From this point their direction of migration will determine the portion of the hair shaft or the inner root sheath of which they will form (Winkler, 1999, Mysore, 2016).


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The world's most advanced 3D anatomy platform

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