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Superior Anorectal Vein
Cardiovascular System

Superior Anorectal Vein

Vena anorectalis superior

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Quick Facts

Origin: Formed as a continuation of the anorectal venous plexus.

Course: Travels through the mesorectum and mesocolon to continue as the inferior mesenteric vein.

Tributaries: Anorectal venous plexus.

Drainage: Upper two thirds of the rectum and upper anal canal.

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The superior anorectal vein is formed in the rectal submucosa as a continuation of tributaries from the anorectal venous plexus.


The superior anorectal vein travels through the upper mesorectum to the root of the sigmoid mesocolon. The vessel ascends and continues as the inferior mesenteric vein. Along its course, the superior anorectal veins travel to the left of the superior anorectal artery, within the sigmoid mesocolon.


The superior anorectal vein is a continuation of the tributaries of the anorectal venous rectal plexus. The veins in the plexus form anastomoses with the middle and inferior anorectal veins. The vessels establish a connection between the portal venous system and the systemic venous system.

Structures Drained

The superior anorectal vein drains the upper two-thirds of the rectum, the internal part of the anorectal venous plexus, and the upper anal canal.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Hemorrhoids (thromboses in the external venous plexus)

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