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Posterior Tibial Perforating Veins (Left)
Cardiovascular System

Posterior Tibial Perforating Veins (Left)

Venae perforantes tibiales posteriores

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The posterior tibial perforating veins originate from the superficially placed posterior arch vein in the distal portion of the leg. There are usually three veins (Caggiati et al, 2014).


The posterior tibial perforating veins pass from the posterior arch vein to the posterior tibial veins, thus shunting blood from the superficial veins into the deep veins.

Structures Drained

The posterior tibial perforating veins connect the superficial venous system of the lower limb with the deep venous system. The perforating veins shunt blood in one direction, from superficial veins to the high-pressured deep veins. The perforating veins contain valves to prevent the flow of blood from deep to superficial.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Ulcerations


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