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Posterior Spinal Veins (Lumbar)
Cardiovascular System

Posterior Spinal Veins (Lumbar)

Venae spinales posteriores

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Quick Facts

Origin: Along the length of the posterolateral spinal cord.

Course: Longitudinally along the length of the spinal cord.

Tributaries: Pial venous plexus and central veins.

Drainage: Pial and central gray matter of spinal cord.

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The posterior spinal veins are longitudinal veins that arise along the length of the spinal cord. One vein is located behind the posterior median septum, and is called the posterior central vein, while two veins are located more laterally, lying posterior to the posterior roots of the spinal cord.


The posterior spinal veins course along the length of the spinal cord. The posterior segmental medullary veins connect the posterior spinal veins to the intervertebral veins through which they drain. Cranially, the spinal veins pass through the foramen magnum of the skull to communicate with veins draining the medulla oblongata and the inferior surface of the cerebellum.


The posterior spinal veins receive central (posterior sulcal) veins and small venules from the pial plexus (sometimes called the coronal plexus).

Structures Drained

The posterior spinal veins drain the posterior spinal cord.

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The extrinsic system consists of anterior spinal vein which accompanies the ASA till the filum terminale and continues as filum terminale vein, the greatest spinal vein which traverses in the posterior median sulcus along with two posterolateral veins on either sides.

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