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Plantar Digital Veins (Right)
Cardiovascular System

Plantar Digital Veins (Right)

Venae digitales plantares

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Quick Facts

Origin: Plantar surface of the toes.

Course: Pass towards the clefts of the toes and unite to form the plantar metatarsal veins.

Tributaries: None.

Drainage: Toes.

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The plantar digital veins arise from a venous plexus in the plantar aspect of the toes.


The plantar digital veins extend towards the clefts of the toes, where they receive perforating veins from the dorsal digit veins. They continue as the plantar metatarsal veins in the intermetatarsal spaces of the foot.


The plantar digital veins send ramifications to the dorsal digital veins of the foot.

Structures Drained

The plantar digital veins drain blood from the plantar surfaces of the toes.

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