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Palmar Metacarpal Veins
Cardiovascular System

Palmar Metacarpal Veins

Venae metacarpeae palmares

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The palmar metacarpal veins are formed as the palmar digital veins coalesce at the level of the distal metacarpals.


The palmar metacarpal veins course proximally from the palmar digital veins along the palmar aspect of the metacarpals and drains into the deep palmar venous arch.


The palmar metacarpal veins are connected to the superficial and dorsal venous systems by a series of small interconnecting vessels (Doyle and Botte, 2003).

Structures Drained

The palmar metacarpal veins aid in the drainage of the palmar aspect of the hand.


Doyle, J. R. and Botte, M. J (2003) ‘ Surgical Anatomy of the Hand and Upper Extremity’ Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins PA:USA.

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