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Marginal Sinus
Cardiovascular System

Marginal Sinus

Sinus marginalis

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Quick Facts

Origin: Connects the basilar plexus and occipital sinus

Course: Encircles the foramen magnum.

Tributaries: Also connects with the veins of hypoglossal canal, internal vertebral venous plexus, paravertebral, or deep cervical veins in the suboccipital region.

Drainage: Sigmoid sinus or internal jugular bulb.

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The marginal sinus is located at the rim of the foramen magnum. The sinus is largest at the lateral aspects of the foramen, while it tapers as it travels both anteriorly and posteriorly.


The marginal sinus communicates anteriorly with the basilar plexus and posteriorly with the occipital sinus. Additional connections can be seen with the veins of the hypoglossal canal. The sinus may connect extracranially to the internal vertebral venous plexus, paravertebral or deep cervical veins in the suboccipital region (Tubbs et al., 2006).

Structures Drained

The marginal sinus typically drains to the sigmoid sinus or the jugular bulb by smaller sinuses.

List of Clinical Correlates

Dural arteriovenous fistulas


Tubbs, R. S., Ammar, K., Liechty, P., Wellons, J. C., 3rd, Blount, J. P., Salter, E. G. and Oakes, W. J. (2006) 'The marginal sinus', J Neurosurg, 104(3), pp. 429-31.

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