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Pharyngeal Trunk (Right)
Cardiovascular System

Pharyngeal Trunk (Right)

Truncus pharyngeus

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Quick Facts

Origin: Ascending pharyngeal artery.

Course: Medially towards the pharynx.

Branches: Superior, middle, and inferior pharyngeal branches, Eustachian and tonsillar branches.

Supplied Structures: Constrictor muscles of the pharynx, auditory tube, and tonsils.

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The pharyngeal trunk arises from the ascending pharyngeal artery as it ascends in the neck (Hacein-Bey et al, 2002).


The pharyngeal trunk traverses medially towards the pharynx.


The pharyngeal trunk gives rise to superior, middle, and inferior pharyngeal, Eustachian and tonsillar branches.

Supplied Structures

The pharyngeal trunk supplies the superior, middle, and inferior constrictor muscles of the pharynx and the stylopharyngeus muscle. A variable branch may descend between the superior constrictor and the levator veli palatini muscle to the soft palate, palatine tonsil, and auditory tube (Eustachian or pharyngotympanic tube).


Hacein-Bey, L., Daniels, D. L., Ulmer, J. L., Mark, L. P., Smith, M. M., Strottmann, J. M., Brown, D., Meyer, G. A. & Wackym, P. A. (2002) The Ascending Pharyngeal Artery: Branches, Anastomoses, and Clinical Significance. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 23(7), 1246.

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