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Ovarian Artery (Left)
Cardiovascular System

Ovarian Artery (Left)

Arteria ovarica

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Quick Facts

Origin: Abdominal aorta.

Course: Descends into the pelvic cavity.

Branches: Ovarian and tubal branch.

Supplied Structures: Ovary, uterine tube, uterus, and ureter.

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The ovarian arteries originate as paired branches from the abdominal aorta at the level of L2 vertebra, just inferior to the emerging renal arteries.

During fetal life, the ovarian arteries are short due to the position of the ovaries within the abdomen. Postnatally, the ovaries descend into the pelvic cavity and, therefore, the vessels are identifiable by their long, slender appearance in adults.


The ovarian artery is retroperitoneal and descends within the abdominal cavity. At its origin, it lies medial to the ureters. It continues in an inferolateral direction and passes anterior to the ureters. The ovarian artery then extends over the external iliac vessels and crosses the pelvic brim.

The artery continues within the pelvic cavity and descends medially within the suspensory ligament of the ovary. As it approaches the lateral aspect of the ovary, it divides into tubal and ovarian branches.


Upon its descent, the artery lies in close proximity with the ureter and gives small ureteric branches to the ureter.

The ovarian branch travels in the mesovarium to supply the ovary and the tubal branch travels in the mesosalpinx to supply the distal portion of the uterine tube. Both branches anastomose with the corresponding tubal and ovarian branches of the ascending uterine artery.

Supplied Structures

Upon its descent, the ovarian artery supplies a portion of the ipsilateral ureter.

The ovarian branch supplies the ovary and anastomoses with the ovarian branch of the ascending uterine artery.

The tubal branch supplies the distal portion of the uterine tube and anastomoses with the tubal branch of the ascending uterine artery.

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