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Descending Palatine Artery (Right)
Cardiovascular System

Descending Palatine Artery (Right)

Arteriae palatina descendens

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The descending palatine artery is a terminal branch of the third part of the maxillary artery as it passes through the pterygopalatine fossa.


The descending palatine artery leaves the pterygopalatine fossa by descending in the greater palatine canal (pterygopalatine, palatomaxillary, or sphenopalatine canal), a canal in the sphenoid and palatine bones.


The descending palatine artery terminates by giving rise to the greater and lesser palatine arteries before exiting the greater palatine canal.

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The descending palatine artery supplies the hard and soft palates.

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Descending Palatine Artery

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The incisive foramen is the exit site of the nasopalatine canal where the terminal branch of the descending palatine artery and nasopalatine nerve pass into the oral cavity.

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