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Colic Branch of Ileocolic Artery
Cardiovascular System

Colic Branch of Ileocolic Artery

Ramus colicus arteriae ileocolicae

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Quick Facts

Origin: Ileocolic artery.

Course: Passes inferior and to the left to the ileocecal junction, superior to the territory of the ileal branch.

Branches: None.

Supplied Structures: Cecum and inferior portion of the ascending colon.

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The colic branch is one of two branches of the ileocolic artery, the other being the ileal branch.


The colic branch passes superior to the ileal branch to the medial margin of the proximal ascending colon where it turns and ascends along its left aspect.


The colic branch continues as the ascending colic branch. It anastomoses with the right colic artery.

Supplied Structures

The colic artery supplies the cecum and approximately the proximal quarter of the ascending colon (Dorland, 2011).


Dorland, W. (2011) Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. 32nd edn. Philadelphia, USA: Elsevier Saunders.

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