The importance of high-quality content: curation and reevaluation in Scopus

Download a comprehensive look into the importance of using trusted information. This article explores how the Scopus curation and re-evaluation processes help exclude poor-quality and predatory publications from Scopus.

The article also includes links to several resources, including Scopus title selection criteria and the discontinued sources list.


  • Poor quality vs predatory journals
  • Red flags re journal quality
  • Response to community concerns
  • Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board

    Written by:

  • Karen Holland, CSAB Chair—Nursing; Health Professions
  • Prof. Peter Brimblecombe, CSAB Chair—Environmental Science
  • Dr. Wim Meester, Director of Product Management, Scopus Content
  • Susanne Steiginga, Senior Product Manager, Scopus Content

Subjects, Products & Services: Scopus

Publication date: Jun 2019