Add power to your decisions

Add power to your decisions - Research Intelligence | Elsevier

Inform your institutional research priorities with better data

University leaders are often challenged to find reliable third-party data to supplement internal information and better inform strategic priorities. Scopus, the world’s most authoritative database of peer-reviewed research literature, provide research output data about your university’s research strengths, areas of growth and future direction to empower your strategic decision-making. With over 37 terabytes of data monitored for currency, accuracy and comprehensiveness, more than 4,000 universities and 150 research organizations have chosen Scopus data over other data providers for research assessment and evaluation purposes.

In this ebooklet, learn how better research output data can:

  • Accelerate knowledge exchange across sectors
  • Strengthen resource investment decisions
  • Uncover impactful collaborators and partners
  • Improve funding proposals and applications, and how funders themselves leverage research output data
  • Inform rankings and benchmark exercises

Add power to your institutional decision-making with better data from Scopus.

Read the ebooklet (PDF, 4.0 MB)