Usage reports

Reports on usage are an important tool to show the value of digital resources. Elsevier supplies customers with usage reports for most of their products. Several of Elsevier’s products supply customers with COUNTER-compliant usage reports.

Usage reports for ScienceDirect and Scopus can be accessed via the AdminTool.

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COUNTER reports

COUNTER is an international initiative serving librarians, publishers and intermediaries by setting standards that facilitate the recording and reporting of online usage statistics in a consistent, credible and compatible way. Elsevier is an active participant in COUNTER.

COUNTER offers reports in different categories; Elsevier offers a subset of COUNTER reports which are listed below. Different products offer different reports, for details please refer to the product section on this page.

Journal reports

  • JR1 – Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal
  • JR1 GOA – Number of Successful Gold Open Access Full-text Article Requests by Month and  Journal
  • JR2 – Access Denied to Full-text Articles by Month, Journal and Category
  • JR5 – Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Year-of-Publication (YOP) and Journal

Journal reports user guide (pdf 912 kb)

Book reports

  • BR2 – Number of successful section requests by month and title
  • BR3 – Access denied to content items by month, title and category

Book Reports User Guide (pdf 912 kb)

Platform reports

  • PR1 – Total Searches, Result Clicks and record Views by Month and Platform

Content reports

(a combination of journals and book usage)

  • CR1– Number of Successful Full-Text Journal Article or Book Chapter Requests by Month (only available via SUSHI).


SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) is an automated data exchange protocol for COUNTER reports. To activate SUSHI services and reports from Elsevier, please complete the appropriate application form from the list below.

For ScienceDirect and/or Scopus

ScienceDirect Reports

ScienceDirect offers COUNTER-compliant reports around content use. These reports include JR1, JR1GOA , JR2, JR5, CR1, BR2 and BR3. With a license to ScienceDirect, users are also able to access the full text of their entitled journals via journal branded websites (e.g., or the journal branded mobile app’s (e.g. the Cell Press Reader Mobile App.) COUNTER reports are also available for these platforms; they include JR1, JR1GOA and JR5.

In addition to the COUNTER compliant reports, ScienceDirect offers additional reports, showing the value of the platform.

ScienceDirect COUNTER and non-COUNTER report descriptions and information (pdf 3.33 mb)


Scopus Reports

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Scopus offers the COUNTER-compliant usage report Platform Report 1. (PR1) as well as additional non-COUNTER-compliant usage reports.

Scopus COUNTER and non-COUNTER report descriptions and information (pdf 696 kb)


For more information on how to access usage reports via the AdminTool, please visit

For more detailed support, please read this guide (pdf 380 kb)