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12 - 26 March 2021

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Journals, Senior Publisher: Jagna Mirska-Gent


Journals, Marketing Communication Manager: Jason Awerdick


Books Acquisitions Editor, Kattie Washington


Featured journals

View Articles published in Current Opinion in Toxicology

Current Opinion in Toxicology

The aims and scope of Current Opinion in Toxicology is to systematically provide the reader with timely and provocative views and opinions of the highest qualified and recognized experts on current advances in selected topics within the field of toxicology.

Current Research in Toxicology

Current Research in Toxicology (CRTOX) is a new primary research, gold open access journal from Elsevier. CRTOX publishes original research on the broad range of toxicology subfields and drawing from various, overlapping disciplines.

Emerging Trends in Drug, Additions, and Health is a new open access journal that publishes research on novel psychoactive substances (NPS), addictions and associated health phenomena.

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View Articles published in Toxicology Reports

Toxicology Reports

Toxicology Reports is dedicated to all aspects of toxicology research and clinical sciences.

Toxicon: X

Toxicon: X is the open access mirror journal of Toxicon. Toxicon: X offers authors with high-quality research who want to publish in a gold open access journal the opportunity to make their work immediately, permanently, and freely accessible. Toxicon and Toxicon: X have the same aims and scope.

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Featured books information

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Upcoming and Recently Published

Nutraceuticals: Efficacy, Safety and Toxicity, 2nd Edition, edited by Ramesh C. Gupta, Rajiv Lall and Ajay Srivastava

Toxicological Evaluation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products 1st edition, by Manuel Peitsch and Julia Hoeng

Haschek and Rousseaux's Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology 4th edition,  edited by Wanda Haschek, Colin Rousseaux, Matthew Wallig and Brad Bolon

Also of interest

Handbook on Biological Warfare Preparedness, 1st Edition, October 2019. Edited by: S.J.S. Flora and Vidhu Pachauri

Loomis's Essentials of Toxicology, 5th Edition, Published November 2019.  Authors: A. Wallace Hayes Tao Wang Darlene Dixon Ted Loomis

An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Toxicology, 1st Edition, Published February 2020. Edited by Carey Pope and Jing Liu

Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents 3rd Edition, Published April 2020. Edited by Ramesh C. Gupta

Information Resources in Toxicology, 5th Edition, Volume 1 Published May 2020, Editor-in-Chief: Philip Wexler. Associate Editors: Steve Gilbert, Asish Mohapatra, Sol Bobst, Antoinette Hayes, Sara T. Humes

Information Resources in Toxicology, 5th Edition, Volume 2, Published May 2020, Editor-in-Chief: Philip Wexler. Associate Editors: Steve Gilbert, Asish Mohapatra, Sol Bobst, Antoinette Hayes, Sara T. Humes

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling: Methods and Applications in Toxicology and Risk Assessment, 1st Edition, Published May 2020. Edited by Jeffrey Fisher, Jeffery Gearhart and Zhoumeng Lin

The Exposome: A New Paradigm for the Environment and Health 2nd Edition, Published June 2020. Author: Gary Miller

Exposure and Risk Assessment of Pesticide Use in Agriculture, 1st Edition, Published November 2020. Edited by Claudio Colosio, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Stefan Mandic-Rajcevic, and Athanasios Alegakis.