IBRO10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, 21 - 25 September, 2019

Korea Brain Research Institute, Daegu, Korea

We are excited to be exhibiting IBRO journals at the forthcoming IBRO World Congress and are pleased to present a research collection of papers from Neuroscience and IBRO Reports in line with IBRO World Congress Symposia.  We hope you enjoy the read!

IBRO Journals

We are proud to publish Neuroscience and IBRO Reports in support of the IBRO mission to advance global neuroscience.  Read more about IBRO Journals to see if your research is a good fit.

Neuronal excitability and synapse function: From synaptic and network plasticity to behaviour

Neuronal excitability and synapse function: The NMDA receptors in synapse physiology and brain diseases

Systems/network functions, computational neuroscience: Recent advances in systems and computational neuroscience

Systems/network functions, computational neuroscience: Valence and reward encoding

Recent advance in studying neural mechanisms for pain and itch

Multi-areal circuit mechanisms of action

Novel concepts of the visual hierarchy