Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

11-15 July, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Welcome to Elsevier at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum

We hope you are having a productive FENS 2020 Virtual Forum. Our exhibit will be staffed from 9am to 5pm (BST) each day.  We are here to field your questions, discuss your research and talk about our neuroscience publications.  Feel free to reach out with your questions on the live chat.  If we are engaged please contact us by email and we will answer by return:

Elsevier Book inquiries, contact:

Natalie Farra: n.farra@elsevier.com

Elsevier Journals inquiries, contact:

Rachel Shaw: r.shaw@elsevier.com

Full list of Elsevier Representatives attending FENS is here

Alternatively, to chat with us about journals, join the Elsevier Journal Chatgroup in the Networking lounge on the website

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Tuesday, 14th July, from 10.30am onwards

Meet Professor Juan Lerma, Editor-in-Chief of Neuroscience, the flagship journal of the International Brain Research Organization. Discuss your research and hear insights from Professor Lerma.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

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Contact r.shaw@elsevier.com to sign up.

Monday, 13th July, from 3pm onwards

Associate Professor Rebecca Seal, Associate Editor of Current Research in Physiology, a new open access journal publishing basic and translational physiology, will be conducting speed reviews on live chat.  Bring your paper along and get a fast and direct review.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

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Monday 13th July from 1.30pm onwards

Meet Editors-in-Chief of Current Research in Neurobiology, Professors Chris Petkov and Anna Mitchell from 1.30pm Monday 13th July onwards.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

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Contact r.shaw@elsevier.com to sign up.

Elsevier Open Theatre Presentation

Watch an address from Daniela Georgescu, Publishing Director, Neuroscience and Psychology journals and Natalie Farra, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Neuroscience books at the Elsevier Open Theatre Presentation