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Chemistry Advancing Health

Shanghai University | March 25, 2019 — Tsinghua University | March 28, 2019

Chemistry advancing health


Modern scientific research has become very interdisciplinary, and experts with different backgrounds work together to face universal challenges. One such topic is human health and a great variety of chemists are working together towards a better understanding of the underlying biological processes as well as developing better diagnostics and treatments. The Elsevier Chemistry Connect China Tour – Chemistry Advancing Health in collaboration with Shanghai University [***or Tsinghua University***] is designed to provide you with an overview and inspiration from the various contributions chemists have made to human health. The talks will cover the investigation of diseases, generation of drugs and the monitoring of human health. The program invites you to discuss and network with colleagues interested in related areas of your research to further China’s leading role in this interdisciplinary research topic.

Liang LiProf. Liang Li

Editor of Analytica Chimica Acta
University of Alberta, Canada

Prof. Li will talk about the use of Proteomics and Metabolomics to study human diseases.

Hervé Galons Prof. Hervé Galons

Paris Descartes University, France
Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Prof. Galons will discuss New therapeutics to treat diseases.

Zheng OuyangProf. Zheng Ouyang

Tsinghua University, China
Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry

To talk about Miniaturization of detection systems for pre-clinical studies.

Xian-En ZhangProf Xian-En Zhang

Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Biophysics, China

To discuss Biosensors for clinical diagnostics. Prof. Xian-En Zhang is also a conference committee member of the Biosensors World Congress.

David GadianProf. David Gadian

University College London, UK
Editor of Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Prof. Gadian will talk about Magnetic resonance techniques and their applications in diseases

Lei FuProf. Lei Fu

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Editor of Bioorganic Chemistry

Professor Fu will explore the possibility of human dormancy by regulating the activity of cytochrome oxidase in mitochondria through chemical means.


9:00 Introduction & Welcome Dean
9:15 Introduction & Welcome Elsevier
Prof. Liang Li -  Proteomics and Metabolomics to study human diseases
10:15 Coffee break
Prof. Hervé Galons - New therapeutics to treat diseases
Prof. Zheng Ouyang -  Miniaturization of detection systems for pre-clinical
12:15 Lunch
Prof Xian-En Zhang - Biosensors for clinical diagnostics
14:30 How digital tools can help you with your research – introduction to Reaxys
14:45 Coffee break
Prof. David Gadian -  Magnetic resonance techniques and their applications in diseases
Prof. Lei Fu - Mitochondrial Tune-Up — Can Humans hibernate?

Reception & Networking

18:30Vip dinner