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Chemists play a central role in solving major societal challenges. Most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including those surrounding human health, energy and sustainability, are related to chemistry. At the nexus between science and politics, chemists are placed at the focal point of human development and one of China’s most important strategies is to foster innovation for the purpose of driving such development. This includes research in areas of basic science and technology, strategic advanced technologies, and areas related to the public welfare such as cheaper and cleaner energy, environmental protection and medicine.

Elsevier is dedicated to empowering chemical scientists to support forward thinking required to solve these challenges. We strive to not only deliver insights and data to fuel innovative research, but also to raise the visibility of important discussions about the future of chemistry innovation and research. With this in mind, Elsevier is teaming up with a number of top Chinese institutes to host a series of symposia related to these important topics and showcase the very best of chemistry research.


Each symposium features renowned local and international scientists who will share the latest developments to stimulate discussions on the future of these dynamic and ever-expanding fields. Click on each symposia to find out more and register to attend.

Chemistry Advancing Health

Shanghai University | March 25, 2019
Tsinghua Science Park | March 28, 2019

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The Elsevier Chemistry Connect China Tour: Chemistry Advancing Health symposia, in partnership with Shanghai University and Tsinghua Science Park, is designed to provide you with an overview and inspiration from the various contributions chemists have made to human health. The talks will cover the investigation of diseases, generation of drugs and the monitoring of human health. The program invites you to discuss and network with colleagues interested in related areas of your research to further China’s leading role in this interdisciplinary research topic.


Nanjing University | April 27, 2019

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The Elsevier Chemistry Connect China Tour: Energy symposium, in partnership with Nanjing University, is a one-day event that will showcase some of the best work occurring across the interdisciplinary field of energy research within China; with additional talks by international speakers. The talks will cover the improved utilization of carbon resources, energy storage and conversion technologies and the related development of new materials. You are invited to join us for what promises to be an exciting program of presentations and the opportunity to network and discuss with your senior colleagues interested in energy research.

Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics | October, 2019

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