28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors


The programme will comprise presentations by the invited speakers together with presentations from selected oral contributions. To submit an abstract for consideration visit the submit abstract page.

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Plenary speakers

Professor David C. Cullen, Cranfield University, UK
Presentation title: Space-based bioanalytical and biotechnological systems

Dr Emmanuel Delamarche, IBM Zurich, Switzerland
Presentation title: Point-of-care diagnostics 2.0

Professor David C. Klonoff, Mills-Peninsula Health Services and University of California, San Fransicso, USA
Presentation title: Sensors to monitor diabetes in a digital health world

Professor Kyu-jin Cho, Seoul National University, Korea
Presentation title: Soft robotics: A new paradigm for robotics research

Professor Kevin Plaxco, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Presentation title: Counting molecules, dodging blood cells: real-time molecular measurements directly in the living body

Professor John Rogers, Northwestern University, USA
Presentation title: Electronic and microfluidic sensors for the skin