28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors

28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors

12-15 June 2018 | Miami, Florida, USA

The World Congress on Biosensors is the premier event for the biosensors community and the largest in the field.

Biosensors 2018 attracted more than 900 attendees for a topical and comprehensive programme comprising more than 200 oral presentations carefully selected from over 1000 abstract submissions and expert plenary talks supplemented by large peer-reviewed poster sessions  with over 600 posters on display.

Biosensors 2020 will be held 26-29 May 2020 in Busan, Korea. To receive updates about the event complete the sign up form

Biosensors & Bioelectronics Best Paper Award 2018


Integrating printed microfluidics with silicon photomultipliers for miniaturised and highly sensitive ATP bioluminescence detection
M.F. Santangelo, S. Libertino, A.P.F. Turner, D. Filippini and W.C. Mak

Runners Up

Designer fungus FAD glucose dehydrogenase capable of direct electron transfer
KoheiIto, Junko Okuda-Shimazaki, Kazushige Mori, Katsuhiro Kojima, Wakako Tsugawaa, Kazunori Ikebukuro, Chi-EnLin, Jeffrey La Belle, Hiromi Yoshida and Koji Sode

Organic Electrochromic Timer for Enzymatic Skin Patches
Hiroyuki Kai, Wataru Suda, Shotaro Yoshida and Matsuhiko Nishizawa

Integrated chemiluminescence-based lab-on-chip for detection of life biomarkers in extraterrestrial environments
Augusto Nascetti, Mara Mirasoli, Elisa Marchegiani, Martina Zangheri, Francesca Costantini, Alessandro Porchetta, Lorenzo Iannascoli, Nicola Lovecchio, Domenico Caputo, Giampiero de Cesare, Simone Pirrotta and Aldo Roda

Poster Prize Winners

Poster Session 1

1st Place: P1.023
Detection of stress biomarkers in non-invasive biofluids using aptamer-based strip biosensor
S. Dalirirad*, A.J. Steckl, University of Cincinnati, USA

2nd Place: P1.009

Molecular dynamics simulation guided rational aptamer engineering: toward flexible biosensing based on extended library
R.Y. Wang*1, Q.S. Zhang2, X.H. Zhou1, H.C. Shi1, 1Tsinghua University, China, 2East China Normal University, China

3rd Place: P1.10
Simple label- and instrument-free pathogen enrichment via homobifunctional imidoesters using a microfluidic (SLIM) system for ultrasensitive pathogen detection in various clinical specimens
C.E. Jin*1 ,2, B. Koo1 ,2, E.Y. Lee1 ,2, J.Y. Kim1, S.H. Kim1, Y. Shin1 ,2, 1University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea, 2Asan Institute of Life Sciences, Republic of Korea

Poster Session 2

1st Place: P2.114
A DNAzyme amplified fluorescent biosensor for pyrophosphatase detection
C-Y. Lee*, C-H. Liao, Y-Z. Hsieh, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

2nd Place: P2.038
A recombinase polymerase amplification sensor integrated microfluidic enrichment chip for low-abundant pathogen detection
T.N.T. Dao*1, E.Y. Lee1, Y. Shin1, T.Y. Lee2, 1Asan Institute for Life Sciences, Republic of Korea, 2Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea

3rd Place: P2.108
Development of a simple, low-cost amperometric Assay for noninvasive monitoring of salivary glucose based on a graphene/Mn3O4/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite modified screen-printed electrode
F.D. Krampa*1, Y. Aniweh1, G.A. Awandare1, P. Kanyong1 ,2, 1University of Ghana, Ghana, 2University of Oxford, UK

Poster Session 3

1st Place: P3.097
Studying and manipulating the optimal frequency of a biomarker using nanoparticles to achieve a multi-marker detection platform
C. Lin*, D. Probst, J. LaBelle, Arizona State University, USA

2nd Place: P3.099
Plasmonic optical fiber gratings for lung cancer diagnosis
M. Loyez*, S. Chevineau, C. Caucheteur, R. Wattiez, University of Mons, Belgium

3rd Place: P3.169

LED color-switching type wireless biosensor system for the visualization of fish stress
H. Wu*1, R. Shinoda1, M. Murata2, H. Matsumoto2, H. Ohnuki1, H. Endo1, 1Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan, 2Hokkaido Industrial Technology Center, Japan

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