8th International Nurse Education Conference


NETNEP 2018 7th International Nurse Education Conference
Research, scholarship and evaluation: ensuring nursing leadership in education, practice and healthcare.
6-9 May 2018 | Banff, Alberta, Canada

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NETNEP 2016 6th International Nurse Education Conference
Transforming education practice through scholarship, development of academic leadership and evaluation research: committed to improving the lives of communities worldwide
3-6 April 2016 | Brisbane, Australia

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NETNEP 2014 5th International Nurse Education Conference 
The complexities of learning and caring: Evaluating the impact of nursing and healthcare education on student learning and patient care.
22-25 June 2014, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

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NETNEP 2012 4th International Nurse Education Conference 
Changing the Landscape for Nursing and Healthcare Education: Evidence-based innovation, policy and practice 
17-20 June 2012, Baltimore, USA

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NETNEP 2010 3rd International Nurse Education Conference
Nursing Education in a Global Community – Collaborating and networking for the future
11-14 April 2010, Sydney, Australia

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More than 600 international delegates convened in Sydney, Australia to share ideas and review current research and developments in international nursing education. Here’s what they said about NETNEP 2010

“A conference with high quality in all senses”

“A very good level of content and networking opportunity to see what’s happening around the world”

“Covers the breadth of international research in nursing education”

“I would rank it as the best conference that I personally have ever attended”

“Efficiently managed and international renowned”

“Good conference for nurse educators to communicate teaching and research ideas in nursing education worldwide.”

“High quality research and development was evident throughout the conference.”

“The networking and the opportunity to view new evidence based practices and equipment and literature and IT used in health to distribute to my non attending colleagues both clinical and academic.”

NETNEP 2008 2nd International Nurse Education Conference
Research and Innovation in International Nurse Education
9-11 June 2008, Dublin, Ireland

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What delegates said about NETNEP 2008

“Excellent programme”

“I gained a lot from the presentations and meeting other delegates.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity to see people in a subject of nursing education. And the interesting thing was that all teachers around the world have more or less similar problems.”

“I have found the mix of delegates inspirational.”

“The conference helped me connect with others with similar interests all over the world.”

“Well organised and provided multiple perspectives of nursing education.”

“Congratulations on a great conference.”

NETNEP 2006 1st International Nurse Education Conference
Developing Collaborative Practice in Health and Social Care Education
14 -16 May 2006, Vancouver, Canada

What delegates said about NETNEP 2006

“An excellent and stimulating conference that has given new ideas and energy for the next academic year.”

“Great experience!”

“Excellent opportunity to network with colleagues internationally.”

“A very well organized conference addressing current issues in nurse education from a global perspective.”

“The atmosphere and support of colleagues was very helpful and all delegates were open and encouraging.”

“Excellent research presented.”