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Pre-conference workshops

The following workshops will take place on Sunday 27 October.

Open to all registered delegates, workshops cost US$70 prior to 2 August 2024 and US$90 after this date. Please book during online registration

Workshop 1: Ensuring your manuscript is published: what to write, how to write, and effective responses 

Leader: Professor Amanda Kenny La Trobe University, Australia; Editor-in-Chief: Nurse Education Today

As Editor-in-Chief of the world’s leading nurse education journal, I am fortunate to read thousands of manuscripts each year.  I describe it as the best professional development anyone can do. Throughout my career, I have had the enormous privilege of reading tens of thousands of manuscripts, reviewer reports, and author responses. Like most editors of high-quality, international journals, I only send a small percentage of submitted manuscripts to review. I can usually tell quickly whether a manuscript will end up being published. In this presentation, you will gain practical insights to ensure your manuscript gets sent to review, key tips on how to ensure the review is positive, and guidance on how to respond to editor and reviewer feedback.

This workshop will help authors to:

  • Think about publication right back at the study design phase.

  • Write a manuscript that has a good chance of being published.

  • Gain insights into the factors that determine whether a manuscript is sent to review.

  • Prepare for feedback and how to effectively respond.

Workshop 2: Moving past the busyness to build your career

Leader: Professor Amanda Kenny La Trobe University, Australia; Editor-in-Chief: Nurse Education Today

Building a career in nurse education can be challenging. Workloads seem [are] relentless, there are always a million competing priorities, and the to-do list is never complete. Educational research is often viewed as inferior to other types of research and nurse educators are often dismissed as less worthy of accolades. You are often pushed to apply for grants, do research, and publish on top of an already relentless schedule. Amidst this chaos, you are constantly reminded of work-life balance, which I don’t believe in. I do believe that we must take a strategic approach to building a career, but strategy keeps getting pushed to the side because you are so tired. 

I was lucky early in my career to have a fabulous mentor who I describe as the world’s greatest strategic thinker and strategist. While that mentoring continues, I have learned an enormous amount from interactions with so many fabulous people about how you build a track record, what is important, and how you fit it all in and maintain a semblance of sanity.

In this hands-on workshop, we will work on your strategy. The workshop is suitable for all career stages, from student to highly experienced, as we share strategic tips, tools, and approaches to developing, building, and maintaining a fabulous career. 

The workshop will help participants to:

  • Understand why I think work-life balance is a fallacy.

  • Develop, build, and maintain their career using a well-defined strategy.

  • Develop ways to settle the chaos by using strategic thinking to manage the never-ending workload.

  • Write effectively for grants, publications, and any other forms of writing.

  • Build a cohesive track record and a fabulous CV and stay (somewhat) sane.

Workshop 3: Innovation, planning, passion and practice – how to move your ideas to action and get your work published

Leader: Mary Sidebotham Griffith University, Australia; Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Nurse Education in Practice

Every research project starts with a good idea- this interactive workshop will explore how to develop your ideas into a study or project that will lend itself to a publication. The session will provide the opportunity for interactive discussion where you can share your ideas and be guided through practical tips, not just on how to write for publication, but importantly how to plan the work that will then generate your paper and ensure it has an optimum chance of being accepted for publication.

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Explore how to avoid common pitfalls when planning your work

  • Know how to create a writing team and work together effectively

  • Have an understanding what the journal editors are looking for

  • Understand what the submission/ review process looks like

  • Know how to respond to reviewer comments efficiently and effectively

  • Know how to share your success and disseminate your work widely once published

Workshop 4: Innovative, relevant, and purposeful: creating assessment for the real world

Leader: Mary Sidebotham Griffith University, Australia; Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Nurse Education in Practice

Are you passionate about assessment design – do you enjoy creating assessment that is engaging and clearly supports the development of deep learning? Are you keen to explore how you can design assessment that students enjoy, and see how completing the assessment becomes less of a task and more of a journey towards professional growth. Do you want the opportunity to hear from others and share your ideas ? If so this interactive workshop is for you.

This workshop will help participants to:

Design assessment that:

  • Engages students in being active participants in their own learning

  • Lends it self well to group learning

  • Makes the task clear and relevant to the student

  • Is fair and accurately links to the course objectives

  • Is reproducible but retains unique features (to avoid contract cheating)

  • Where ever possible uses real world tasks /examples that the student can see the link to the work of nurses and midwives

  • Uses generative artificial intelligence as a potential aid to learning

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to;

  • Share their assessment ideas and get feedback to enable further development

  • Meet like minded individuals and potentially create an ongoing community of practice

Sponsored workshops

Tuesday 29 October 07.30-08.30am Workshop: Enhancing capstone experiences: tips for developing authentic assessments.

Led by Curtin University

Education is a powerful driver, that can lead to personal and professional development as well as improved health outcomes. Supporting students to translate knowledge to the practice setting can be enhanced when teaching, learning and assessment strategies are authentic and mirror the real-world practice of nursing and midwifery. Capstone experiences play a pivotal role in assisting students to integrate their learning for use in the practice. Project based learning is used to help students integrate and synthesize prior knowledge and learning from multiple and diverse topic areas to devise innovative solutions for real world problems. In addition, project-based learning supports students’ career preparation by promoting professional employability skills.

This workshop will help participants consider:

  • The development of meaningful capstone experiences that prepare students for practice.

  • Explore the types of experiences that assist students to develop transferable employment skills needed for the workplace.

  • Discuss strategies used by the Curtin School of Nursing academics, in creating capstone experiences.

Book your place hereopens in new tab/window.

Wednesday 30 October 07:30-08.30 am

Enhancing clinical competency: Leveraging immersive virtual reality in nursing education

Led by: Associate Professor Lau Siew Tiang, Assistant Professor Shawn Goh Yong-Shian, and Mr John Yap, NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies

To enhance nursing students’ learning experience and provide adequate authentic learning experiences, the NUS nursing team has explored strategies to incorporate immersive virtual reality (IVR) into existing nursing education programs. Specifically, the IVR was employed to teach students about clinical procedures and the management of mental health patients. (a) Transforming clinical skills training into 3D immersive VR provides the students with a task with a well-refined goal and timely feedback. It allows ample opportunities for repetition and refinement of performance. Students can do their practices reiteratively on their own time, in the comfort of their home space, without the usual time or physical constraints. The students can benefit from increased efficacy and confidence in clinical practice. (b) To enhance education on managing incidences of agitation in the clinical setting, IVR was used to teach nursing students to effectively manage agitated patients using empathic means in a safe, repeatable, and controlled manner. IVR programs help students learn skills through handling VR patients that reflect the behavioural characteristics of patients often encountered by healthcare workers. It also allows medical and nursing students to integrate their learning experiences to provide holistic care for patients in the future. This workshop will provide an interactive session for participants to explore and experience learning using IVR.

Please book via Imogen Loweopens in new tab/window: A small booking charge of US$5 will be charged.

Conference dinner

29 October 2024 | 19.00-23.00

Join us for an unforgettable conference dinner at the prestigious Fullerton Hotelopens in new tab/window in Singapore.

This optional dinner will take place 29 October 2024 from 19.00-23.00. Tickets cost US$75 per person.

Located in the Central Business District of the bustling Lion City near the mouth of the Singapore river, the iconic Fullerton Hotel offers five-star luxury.

Experience an evening of fine dining, entertainment, and networking.

What’s included:

  • Return Coach Transport: Convenient and comfortable transportation to and from the venue.

  • Three-Course Dinner: Delicious three-course meal made by top chefs, accompanied by a selection of wine and soft drinks

  • Entertainment: Enjoy live entertainment, sure to make this night unforgettable.

Don't miss this opportunity to dine in luxury while connecting with peers in a relaxed, sophisticated setting.

Book your ticket now via the online registration system - limited tickets are available!

Conference app

An App will be available for NETNEP 2024 and will appear in the Elsevier Conference App shortly before the conference.

Install the Elsevier Conferences app on your phone or tablet by following the links below or by searching for "Elsevier Conferences" in the App Store or on Google Play.

Once you have installed this app, you will find NETNEP 2024 at the top of the screen. Simply tap the event and select ‘Install’ to download the interactive conference program to your device.

To download the app please follow the below links:

The conference app will include information on presentations, speakers, exhibitors and more. It will allow you to plan what presentations to attend, add notes to the program, make lists via the To Do feature and add custom tags to presentations and exhibitors.

Instant access to all conference information

Have instant access to complete information for each presentation, session, person, exhibitor and sponsor – wherever you are.

Create your personalised program

Pick and choose sessions from within the parallel sessions to build your own program.

Keep track with to-dos, notes and tags

You can add a Note to anything in the program. Make lists via the To Do feature and add custom Tags to presentations, people and exhibitors.

Share content more easily Sharing content with others is easy

Sharing content with others is easy – simply export to email or share via Facebook or Twitter direct from the App.

Internet access is only required once to download the conference app. After that, all of the data is available in the app, making it easy to access while traveling or at sites without a WiFi connection. You will require internet access to view the abstracts and to receive updates.