The European Research Council: Funding opportunities for scientists to pursue their dreams

Tuesday 12 March 2019, 12:40-14:10

ERCCertainly you have heard about and you know what the European Research Council is. But there are probably many things that you do not know or have always wanted to ask. This is your chance!

The European Research Council (ERC) is dedicated to selecting and funding the excellent ideas that have not happened yet and the scientists who are dreaming them up. All ERC research grants are awarded on the sole criterion of scientific excellence. Independent researchers of any age and career stage and from anywhere in the world can apply, providing that their host institution is located in a European Member State or in a Country associated to the European research funding programmes. The ERC awards are flexible and provide funding for a period of up to five years to the Principal Investigators at different stages of their scientific career. The maximum grant varies from 1.5 - 2.0 million euro for early/mid-career investigators to 2.5 million euro for researchers who are more advanced in their research career. More than two thirds of the grants have been awarded to early/mid-stage Principal Investigators to pursue their 'blue sky' research. Also, currently the ERC is granting up to 10 million euro to teams of Principal Investigators to jointly address ambitious research problems through the ERC Synergy grants.

More than ten years of ERC funding have given so far brilliant results in terms of prestigious prizes: ERC grantees have gone on to win 6 Nobel Prizes, 5 Fields Medals, 5 Wolf Prizes and countless others. We can count here the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 awarded to the outstanding ERC grantee Ben Feringa, together with Fraser Stoddart and Jean-Pierre Sauvage. Also, one of grantees from the first call of ERC Starting grants (2007), Konstantin Novoselov has received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010, together with Andre Geim (also ERC grantee).

Do you want to know more? Come to the ERC session then!

This session will provide full information on the application and evaluation process for potential applicants. ERC scientific officers will give a complete overview of the funding opportunities. Outstanding scientists in the Chemical Sciences domain will describe their experience as ERC evaluators, providing useful information on things to pay attention to when writing a proposal and the most common mistakes/faults they observed in reviewing proposals. In addition, some of our grantees will give their own insights on how to find/build the great idea and to write a successful proposal.

Should you have a brilliant idea hidden in your drawer, do not hesitate to attend the ERC session; you will be amazed to know what the European Research Council can do to make your dreams come true.