Epidemics6 - International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics



Conference chairs

Neil Ferguson, Imperial College London, UK

Hans Heesterbeek, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands

Conference committee

Trevor Bedford, Fred Hutch, USA

Katia Koelle, Duke University, USA

Justin Lessler, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Jodie Mcvernon, University of Melbourne, Australia

C. Jessica Metcalf, Princeton University, USA

Tanja Stadler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Cécile Viboud, NIH-Fogarty International Center, USA

Jacco Wallinga, RIVM and University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Joseph Wu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Conference deadlines

Abstract submission deadline -  7 July 2017

Author registration deadline - 4 August 2017

Early bird registration deadline - 4 August 2017