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Furama Hotel, Dalian, China

60 Renmin Rd, Zhongshan
Dalian, Liaoning
China, 116001
Phone: +86 4118263088

Furama Hotel Dalian opened in 1988 and was awarded 5-star certification by the National Tourism Administration of China in 1990 as the first five star hotel in Northeast China. As the city of Dalian experienced great business growth our West Wing opened in 1996. Today the hotel includes a total of 620 guest rooms, large conference facilities, 10 restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Furama Hotel Dalian is conveniently located in the city’s commercial and financial center. It is only 20 minutes drive from the airport and 5 minutes to the railway station.

Travel Information

Dalian has a modern and recently expanded international airport Dalian Zhoushuizi International airport with direct flights to the most major cities in China and to selected cities in Japan, South Korea and Germany.

Dalian’s location means that train trips from most Chinese cities outside of China’s northeastern region require a change of trains in Shanghai or Beijing.  Most of the direct city to city express trains are overnight trips. The Harbin-Dalian high speed passenger railway connects Harbin, Dalian and Shenyang.

The new Dalian station is in Nanguanling in the northern suburbs on the way to the Dalian development zone. There are also local and express bus services to Beijing and other areas.  The northeast and Dalian are connected by passenger ship services in neighbouring coastal cities such as Tian Jin and Yantai as well as Incheon in South Korea.

1.Location of Dalian City in China

2. Domestic and international flights in Dalian Airport

2.1 Important international flights:
  • 8 flights between Seoul and Dalian per day;
  • 7 flights between Tokyo and Dalian per day;
  • 6 flights between Osaka and Dalian per day;
  • 2 flights between Hongkong and Dalian per day;
2.2 Important domestic flights:
  • 18 flights between Beijing and Dalian per day;
  • 23 flights between Shanghai and Dalian per day;
  • 6 flights between Guangzhou and Dalian per day;

The flight agent web:

3. Train connections between Dalian and other cities

Link to train information

3.1 Train connections between Beijing and Dalian:

Train number










Dalian North





Beijing South

Dalian North






















The train runs every day with good regularity, and the train tickets can be ordered 30 days before the journey. The train service web: and the serve number is 12306.

It is a long way from Beijing Airport to Beijing Train Station:

Airport Bus: Operating time 07:00 - 23:59, no more than 30 minutes departure, ticket cost 24 RMB.

Subway: After departing the airport take the Subway Airport Express to Dongzhimen station. Then take the Line 2 to Beijing Station. It will take 1 hour and 20 minutes, the ticket is 8 RMB.

Taxi:It will take 33 minutes without considering the traffic jams. The payment of the taxi is about 100 RMB.

3.2 Train connections between Shenyang and Dalian:

There is one train connection per 0.5 h between the two cities and it takes 2 hours.

The way between Shenyang International Airport and train station is also long. Airport bus is the best way, the schedule is following:

Airport to Shenyang North Station: 8:30---the last flight,every 40 minutes departure or full.

Airport to Shenyang Station: 7:50---20:00,every 40 minutes departure or full.

The ticket costs about 15 RMB.

There is no bus to Shenyang South Station directly, the taxi costs 25 minutes and 33 RMB.

4. Transportation inside Dalian

4.1 From Airport to Furama Hotel

Airport Bus: The station is in the west of Gate 9, and the ticket costs 10 RMB. The operating time is between 7:45 to the last flight. Get off in Renmin Road Station, and go straight about 500 meters.

Subway: Take the subway Line 2 to Zhongshan Square Station, leave the subway station from B1 exit, and then walk straight about 700 meters. It will take you 55 minutes totally, and the ticket is about 4 RMB.

Taxi (preferred): It takes 30 minutes and costs around 35 RMB.

4.2 Dalian North Station to Furama Hotel:

Subway: Take the subway Line 1 to Xi`an Lu Station and transfer Line 2. Get off in Zhongshan Square Station and leave out of the subway from B1 exit. Walk straight about 700 meters. It will take you 1 hour and the ticket is about 5 RMB.

Taxi: It takes about 35 minutes and costs 40 RMB.

4.3 Dalian Station to Furama Hotel:

The best way is to take a taxi. It takes about 15 minutes and costs 10 RMB.

Website of Hotel: