8th International Colloids Conference banner 10-13 June 2018 Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Keynote Speaker

Jian Lu, The University of Manchester, UK

Jian Lu

Professor Lu’s research falls in the broad area of soft matter and biophysics. He started work on self-assembly of small peptides since 2000. Prior to this, his research focused on the adsorption and aggregation of surfactants, lipids, polymers and proteins, and the interactions between them. he undertook his PhD research in Hull University during 1987-1990, his post-doctoral research in Oxford University during 1990-1995 and subsequent independent research as lecturer and reader in Surrey University during 1995-2000. His work in Manchester since 2000 initially focused on the self-assembly of biomimetic peptides but subsequently moved into the design and examination of short peptide amphiphiles, concerning their self-assembly and antimicrobial actions.