Anji Microelectronics


Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a fast-growing microelectronic materials provider for technology enablement and manufacturing competitiveness through innovation and cost efficiency. The main products are CMP slurries, post CMP clean chemicals, and photo-resist strippers for IC, WLP and LED industries. As an innovation driven company, Anji has its own IPs and technology know-how. So far, there are over 600 patents filed and over 250 patents granted globally. With the endless efforts in the past 13 years, Anji has become a major slurry supplier in China with over 50% market share in BEOL metal slurries, and been realized by global market since 2013. Anji is strengthening its positions in W and Ceria based CMP applications as new growth areas since 2015.