7th International Colloids Conference

Luis Liz-Marzan – Winner of the 2017 JCIS Darsh Wasan Award

The Award ceremony will take place at the 7th International Colloids Conference where Professor Luis Liz-Marzan will present his lecture on "Design of Colloidal Nanocomposites for Detection and Imaging".

Professor Luis Liz-Marzan (Bionanoplasmonics Laboratory, CIC biomaGUNE, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain) is recipient of the 2017 JCIS Darsh Wasan Award. Luis Liz-Marzan is celebrated for his outstanding contributions to a range of topics in surface and colloid chemistry, notably nanoplasmonics. Here, he has made pioneering work on the synthesis, assembly, and optical properties of metal and other nanoparticles. An example of this is his work on the formation of silica shells around various types of metal nanoparticles, e.g., for controlling plasmon coupling through interparticle spacing, both on films and on colloidal templates, as well as for luminescence enhancement of quantum dots. Furthermore, his work has involved the development of novel methodologies for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles through use of novel solvents and reducing agents, allowing the synthesis of a wide range of nanoparticles with controlled morphologies, such as nanoprims, twinned nanorods or different nano-oligohedra, as well as supercrystals and supraparticle clusters. In yet another leg of research, he has made key contributions on the assembly of various types of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles on flat surfaces and on spherical colloids, e.g., using polyelectrolytes or carbon nanotubes to drive it. Complementing his basic research, Luis has also been instrumental in the development of practical applications of nanoplasmonics, e.g., in the field of ultrasensitive sensing and diagnostics. With a legacy of seminal papers, combining surface and colloid chemistry with nanotechnology and material science, Luis Liz-Marzan is highly regarded by colleagues and peers. Therefore, his nomination to the JCIS Darsh Wasan Award has met with wide approval.