At the end of a conference Elsevier sends a questionnaire to all attendees. We would like to share with you some feedback we have received from delegates who have attended earlier events in this conference series.

9th International Colloids Conference

“Excellent scientific level of the speakers”

“Great networking opportunities”

“Great program of speakers with gender equity”

“The conference was well organized and the scientific level of plenary and the other oral contributions was really high”

“The ICC is a good gathering of experts in the field meeting in a friendly environment. It is well organised event.”

“This conference is a great opportunity to meet many important presenters and stay in touch with newest research”

8th International Colloids Conference

“The single most important reason for attending this conference was the professional keynote speakers”

“The single most important reason for attending this conference was the high quality of conference presentations”

“The website and email communications were excellent”

7th International Colloids Conference

“The content is excellent, and the conference is very well organised”

“This conference is of high quality content, highly organized and presents a state of art techniques and results”

6th International Colloids Conference

“The conference was well organized, the recent advances in the colloidal science presented in the conference was up to date and very best occasion to interact with the persons working in similar fields.”

“Interesting and balanced scientific program. Top names in attendance”

“The organization, venue, quality of the crowd, the posters, the lectures: the sum of all these together was simply excellent!”