2019 Conference speakers

Opening Session

Jochen Flasbarth

State Secretary for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Opening Address

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Matthias Urmann

President of German Chemical Society, Germany

Opening address

Matthias Urmann studied chemistry at the University of Heidelberg and finished his PhD thesis with Prof. Günter Helmchen in 1991 in the area of natural product synthesis.

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Johan Rockström

Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Professor, Institute of Earth and Environmental Science, Potsdam University, Germany

Presentation title: Anthropogenic change within planetary boundaries

Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström is the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Professor at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Science at Potsdam University.
Rockström is an internationally recognized scientist on global sustainability issues, where he led the development of the new Planetary Boundaries framework for human development in the current era of rapid global change.

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Kumsal Bayazit

Chief Executive Officer, Elsevier, The Netherlands

Kumsal Bayazit was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Elsevier in February 2019. She has held multiple positions with RELX Group since 2004, most recently as Regional President Europe, Middle East and Africa at Reed Exhibitions.

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Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Fabio Aricò

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Presentation Topic: Recent developments in green synthesis

Dr Fabio Aricò obtained his master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Messina in 1999.

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Prof. Dr. Annemie Bogaerts

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Presentation Topic: Plasma technology: a novel solution for CO2 conversion?

Annemie Bogaerts obtained her PhD in 1996.

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Dr. Glenn Hurst

Department of Chemistry, University of York, UK

Presentation Topic: Systems thinking approaches to facilitate international green chemistry education

Dr Glenn Hurst is an Assistant Professor at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in the Department of Chemistry at the University of York, UK.

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Prof. Dr. Christian Oliver Kappe

University of Graz, Austria

Presentation Topic: Making pharmaceuticals in flow

Christian Oliver Kappe is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Graz (Austria) and Scientific Director of the Center of Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processsing (CC FLOW).

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Prof. Jan Kratzer

TU Berlin, Germany

Presentation topic: Start-ups and Sustainable chemistry

Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer is Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Managing Director of Center for Entrepreneurship at Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany. In addition, he is at the editorial board of Creativity and Innovation Management (CIM) and Journal of Product Management (JPIM).

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Dr. Bradley P. Ladewig

Imperial College London, UK and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Presentation Topic: Metal organic frameworks for clean energy applications

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Prof. Dr. Naomi Shibasaki-Kitakawa

Tohoku University, Japan

Presentation Topic: Energy conversion and storage

Naomi is a professor of Department of Chemical Engineering at Tohoku University in Japan. She received a Ph.D.

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Nicholas Turner

University of Manchester, UK

Presentation topic: Design and evolution of new biocatalysts for organic synthesis

Nicholas Turner is Professor of Chemical Biology, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis (CoEBio3), Director of BIOCATNET and co-Director of SYNBIOCHEM.

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Prof. Dr. Karen Wilson

RMIT University, Australia

Presentation Topic: Photochemistry and photocatalysis

Karen has a BA (Hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge (1992), an MSc with distinction in heterogeneous catalysis from the University of Liverpool (1993) and a PhD (1996) in heterogeneous catalysis and surface science from the University of Cambridge with Prof. Richard Lambert.

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Prof. Dr. Ning Yan

Head of Green Catalysis Lab, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Presentation Topic: Chemical production of chemicals and nutrients from renewable resources

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ISC3 Innovation Hub Speakers

Daniel Büning, BigRep, Germany

Daniel Büning

Daniel Büning is an innovator, researcher, architect and university teacher. His work moves in the field of tension between digital technology, innovation, culture and politics.His studio NOWlab, which was co-founded in 2014, was taken over in 2016 by BigRep, an aspiring high-tech start-up from Berlin. With NOWlab @ BigRep, a unique innovation and creative hub has been created, full of dynamics and synergies within a technology company, which he leads as Managing Director.

His research as well as the work of his department NOWlab @ BigRep fuses in an innovative and visionary way the latest digital software (programming, modeling, simulation) with digital manufacturing processes (3D printing, robotics, CNC technology) as well as advanced and sustainable materials. In his daily practice Daniel deals with the scouting, the concept development and the implementation of innovation projects and their economic implementation in practice. The development of novel applications for the BigRep 3D printing technology is  always the focus of his work.

His work has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships: SDV Study Foundation ofthe German people, Fulbright Commission, FES Friedrich Ebert Foundation, MEXT scholarship of the Japanese government. Daniel is also a Fellow of the Competence Center of the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Federation.

Daniel is a sought-after speaker and has been invited several times as an expert in the field of "digitization", as well as "Industry 4.0" in the Bundestag

Abdelnasser Farrag, VWaste, EgyptAbdelnasser Farrag

Abdelnasser Farrag is an Energy Engineer from Egypt. He currently pursues his master’s degree at TU Berlin. Abdelnasser has been always serious about climate change issues. Despite of his basic knowledge in Chemistry, he co-founded a chemical company “VWaste” which is based in Cairo, Egypt. In VWaste, the industrial orange waste is transformed into highly-valued products.

Andreas Förster, Director, ISC3 Innovation Hub, Germany Andreas Förster

Dr. Andreas Förster studied chemistry and received his doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Würzburg in 1997. Since 1997 he has been an employee of DECHEMA - Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, where he heads the Department for Research Coordination and Conferences. In 2010 he became Head of ProcessNet, the German platform for process engineering, chemical engineering and technical chemistry, jointly supported by DECHEMA and VDI. Dr. Förster has many years experience in the identification of new trends in chemistry and chemical process engineering and in the promotion of innovation. He is a member of the board of the European Technology Platform SusChem since 2017 Managing Director of the Gesellschaft für Verfahrens-Technik – GVT and director of the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Center since 2018. He has a broad international network of experts from industry and academia in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Andrea Kurz, Brimatech, Austria Andrea Kurz

Andrea Kurz is Senior Market Researcher and Co-owner of BRIMATECH Services. She holds a degree both in Technical Chemistry and in Business Administration. In national and international R&D projects she is responsible for technology exploitation. Amongst other projects, she has been broker for ESA’s tech transfer department for seven years now. In this role she supports non-space industry and start-ups in ESA Business Incubators by identifying promising technologies and business models for innovation in the B2B sector.

Pablo R. Outón, Indresmat, Spain and Geleen, The Netherlands

Pablo R. Outón

Pablo is an entrepreneur with a broad and multidisciplinary background in Production, Quality and Research & Development. He has joined important multinationals (BASF, Merck), the most prestigious Spanish Research Centers (Institute for Polymer Science & Technology-CSIC, University of Barcelona) and Innovative SME's in the chemical sector. During his career, multiple experiences in different sectors have resulted in disruptive ideas for products made from Polyurethanes focusing on Construction markets.

After 12 years involved in R&D projects, Pablo founded INDRESMAT SL in 2017 (Barcelona, Spain). In 2018, he founded INDRESMAT BV (Geleen, Netherlands) due to its participation in “Redefining Chemistry”, a prestigious 2-year International Incubation Program carried out at Brightlands Chemelot Campus within one of the few chemical entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. INDRESMAT has recently received LIOF-LBDF and SME Instrument Phase-1 grants to develop EXTRU-PUR, a disruptive extrusion technology for Thermoset Polyurethane. During 2019, INDRESMAT will launch SAFE-PUR, a novel top class of insulating foams with highly improved fire safety.

Pablo studied Chemistry in the University of Barcelona and holds a Master in Polymers in the International University of Menendez Pelayo

Johannes Solzbach, Clustermarket, UK

Johannes Sulzbach

Johannes Solzbach is co-founder and CEO at Clustermarket. Prior to co-founding Clustermarket in late 2015, Johannes worked in Corporate Finance for EY and Baader Bank.

Huib Adriaans, Brightlands Innovation Factory, The NetherlandsHuib-new-BW

Huib has been involved in the start-up ecosystem since finishing his studies. Working at the corporate venturing department of Océ (a subsidiary of Canon) got him interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship. After a couple of years he decided to make the switch and started his own entrepreneurial journey by (co-)founding two new start-ups in the digital space. The start-ups didn't make it, but the experience and lessons learned were priceless. Now, he is using this experience at Brightlands Innovation Factory to attract start-ups to the Brightlands ecosystem and help them to bring their business to the next level(s)."

Green and sustainable Chemistry Challenge Finalists

The following finalists of the 2019 Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge will give a short presentation to the judges at the conference where the winning project will be announced.

New green technique to remove toxic metal from wastewater

Ramia Albakain, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Cross-cultural analysis of sustainable waste management

Norris Erhabor. University of Benin, Nigeria

Butterfly attractant for pollination and ecosystem health

Ankur Patwardhan, Abasaheb Garware College, Pune, India

Photoxidative degradation of estrogen in water

Julio Pinzon, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

Highly sustainable PV windows employing natural dyes

Varun Vohra, University of Electro-Communications, Japan