The following are among the invited speakers that will present at the conference.

More speakers will be added shortly.

Prof. Dr. Ingo Eilks FRSC

Department for Biology and Chemistry, University of Bremen, Germany

Session: Sustainable Chemistry in Society (Economy and Education)

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Prof. Dr. Claude Grison

ChimEco (Bio-inspired Chemistry and Eco Innovations Laboratory), Montpellier University, France

Session: Sustainable Chemistry and Environmental Science

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Dr. Alexandra ter Halle

Paul Sabatier University, France

Session: Solving the Micro and Nano Plastic Issues

Alexandra ter Halle is an environmental chemist studying plastic pollution since 2014 at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. Alexandra is studying plastic degradation and fragmentation in the environment and particularly paying attention to the very small plastic particles at the micro- and the nano-scale. The detection on nanoplastic in environmental samples is possible via multi-scale characterization.

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Prof. Dr. Niklas Hedin

Stockholm University, Sweden

Session: CO2 Utilisation / Sustainable Chemistry and Climate Change

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Prof. Arjan W. Kleij

Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain

Session: CO2 Utilisation / Sustainable Chemistry and Climate Change

Arjan received his MSc and PhD from the University of Utrecht working in the group of Prof. Gerard van Koten on the application of polymer-supported homogeneous catalysts.

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Prof. Dr. Alexei  Lapkin

University of Cambridge, UK

Session: Artificial Intelligence for Solving Sustainability Problems

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Professor Chao-Jun Li

Green Chemistry Centre, McGill University, Canada

Opening talk

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Prof. Dr. Richard A Gross

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,  USA

Session: Recent Advances in Green Synthesis and Catalysis

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Prof. Dr. Janusz Pawliszyn

University of Waterloo, Canada

Session: Green Analytical Techniques

The primary focus of Professor Pawliszyn's research program is the design of highly automated and integrated instrumentation for the isolation of analytes from complex matrices and the subsequent separation, identification and determination of these species.

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Prof. Veena Sahajwalla

University of New South Wales, Australia

Session: Waste Recycling and Re-use

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