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De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship and has done so for more than 260 years.

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Start-Ups Market

The following start-up companies will be exhibiting in the Start-up Market


ECO SAWA LIMITED, formerly known DACH, is a Kenyan start-up providing products such as bio pesticides and fertilizers that efficiently help farmers in growing healthy crops.

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GlobalYeast is a Belgian-Brazilian biotechnology startup focused on developing and deploying products and solutions for the fermentation industry.

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Grow Bioplastics

At Grow Bioplastics, we believe that There's Wonder in Waste. We envision a future where forestry, food, and agricultural waste is upcycled into valuable chemical and material feedstocks.

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Hangzhou XinWei Low-Carbon Technology R&D Co., Ltd

Hangzhou XinWei Low-Carbon Technology R&D Co., Ltd, is a start-up for research and technological innovation in the nutriceutical and cosmetic sector in China.

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INNOVERDA is a French start-up company dedicated to the implementation of Green Chemistry Solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry. It was founded in October 2017 in Paris.

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