2016 Conference Speakers

Opening  Address

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, Conference Chair and Director, Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany

Welcome  Address

Dr Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature  Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, German Federal Government

Prof. Dr. Thisbe Lindhorst, President of the  GDCh (German Chemical Society), Chair of Organic and Biological Chemistry,  Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Kiel, Germany

Philippe Terheggen, Managing Director,  Elsevier, The Netherlands

Opening Keynote Talk

Paul Anastas, Director of the Center for Green Chemistry  and Green Engineering and Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the  Environment Yale University, USA


  • Mineral Resources and Recycling
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Armin Reller, University of Augsburg, Germany
    (Invited talk: 25 mins) Dr. Bali Barume, Université Officielle de Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Non-fossil sources for old and  new organic molecules
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) James Clark, University of York, UKInvited talk: 25 mins)  Johannes Panten, Symrise, Germany
  • Synthesis and solvents
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Zhimin Liu, Chinese  Academy of Science, China
    (Invited talk: 25 mins) Nicholas  Gathergood, Technical University Tallin, Estonia
  • Catalysis and Engineering
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Regina Palkovits, RWTH Aachen, Germany
    (Invited talk: 25 mins) N. R. Shiju, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Green and Sustainable Products
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Klaus KümmererLeuphana  Universität Lüneburg, Germany (Invited talk: 25 mins) Carsten Sinkel, BASF, Germany
  • Renewable energies
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Susan Schorr, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany(Invited talk: 25 mins) Lise Appels, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Overarching approaches and new  business models
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Alexander Nies, German  Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation,  Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany (Invited talk: 25 mins) Dr. Achim Halpaap, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Chemicals and Waste  Branch, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Greenness and Sustainability
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Alexei Lapkin, University of Cambridge, UK
    (Invited talk: 25 mins) Joel Tickner, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
  • Ethics, legislation and economics
    (Keynote talk: 35 mins) Ms. Petra Schwager, United Nations Industrial Development Organization,  Vienna, Austria
    (Invited talk: 25 mins) Helmut Krist, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale  Zusammenarbeit, Germany
  • The context
    (Keynote  talk: 35 mins) Pierre Barthelemy, CEFIC,  Belgium
    (Invited  speaker: 25 mins) Roland Weber, Weber Consulting, Germany