Plenary Speaker

Sebastien Lecommandoux, University of Bordeaux, France 


Sebastien Lecommandoux  is currently Director of the “Laboratoire de  Chimie des Polymères Organiques” (LCPO) and leading the group “Polymer  Self-Assembly and Life Sciences”. His research interests include polypeptide  and polysaccharide based block copolymers self-assembly, biomimetic approaches  toward design of synthetic viruses and cells as well as the design of polymersomes  for drug-delivery and theranostic. He is especially recognized for the design  of original polymeric nanoparticles, “bioactive by design” and stimuli  responsive, able to load and release “on demand” molecular and  biomacromolecular drugs (anti-cancer, peptide,…). He published more than  160 publications in international journal, 6 book chapters and 3 patents. He is Associate Editor for Biomacromolecules  (ACS) and in the Editorial Advisory Board of several international journals,  including Bioconjugate Chemistry (ACS), Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials  Science (RSC).

Research Interests: Therapeutic Nanotechnologies,  Drug-Delivery, Biomaterials; Bioactive polymers; Self-Assembly and  SupraMacromolecular chemistry; Polypeptide and polysaccharide synthesis and  self-assembly; Biomimicry for (bio)materials design