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ACS Central Science publishes the most compelling, important primary reports on research in chemistry and in allied fields, wherein chemical approaches play a key role. It is also the first fully open access   journal published by the American Chemical Society. ACS Central Science is a multidisciplinary journal that aims to publish articles of exceptional quality and interest to the broad chemistry and scientific community.  The journal addresses important advances in fundamental areas of chemistry, as well as applied and interdisciplinary research highlighting the seminal role of chemistry in a wide range of other scientific disciplines.

American Elements

American Elements: global manufacturer of polymer synthesis catalysts, composites, & nanomaterials for organic electronics & energy storageAmerican Elements is the world's manufacturer of engineered & advanced materials with a catalog of over 15,000 materials including ferro metals, ferro alloys, compounds and nanoparticles; high purity metals, chemicals, semiconductors and minerals; and crystal-grown materials for commercial & research applications including high performance steels, super alloys, automotive, aerospace, military, medical, electronic, and green/clean technologies. American Elements maintains research and laboratory facilities in the U.S. and manufacturing/warehousing in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, & China. The complete catalog of advanced and engineered materials can be found at


BiomacromoleculesBiomacromolecules, led by well-renowned researchers, is the highest impact journal that combines polymer science and biology.

Editor-in-Chief: Ann-Christine Albertsson

2015 Impact Factor: 5.583

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