Conference sessions and topics

Parallel Session: Advanced Precision Synthesis

Topics include:

  • Novel synthetic routes for polymerization,
  • Molecular recognition and higher order polymer structures,
  • Supramolecular and supracolloidal architectures
  • Sequence- and topology-specific polymers
  • New polymer structures by macromolecular engineering,
  • Polymerization mechanisms and kinetics,
  • Functional modification of polymers
  • Soft and hard nanoparticles
  • Conjugated/conducting polymers
  • Bio-inspired polymer systems
  • Externally controlled polymerizations

Parallel Session: Merging Polymer Structure with Dynamics

Topics include:

  • Characterization and simulation of molecular and materials properties in bulk, solution, and thin films
  • Polymer structure and dynamics under confined environments
  • Molecular dynamics near phase transformations
  • Polymer structural formations in multiple length and time scales
  • Structures and dynamics of self-assembled macromolecular systems
  • Far from equilibrium macromolecular systems/ Dissipative systems
  • Stimuli responsive and dynamic polymers
  • Polymer processing in different dimensions
  • Macromolecular nanotechnology and dynamic force spectroscopy
  • Protein molecular dynamics
  • Molecular machines

Parallel Session: Polymer Technology for Solving Societal Challenges

Topics include:

  • Polymers for energy generation and storage,
  • Renewable and sustainable polymers,
  • Biomedical applications and nanomedicine\
  • Polymer for optics
  • Shape-memory and self-healing polymers.
  • Polymer blends, films, fibers, and networks
  • Nanocomposites and hybrid nanomaterials
  • Polymer membranes for biomedical and separation techniques
  • Polymer degradation and stabilization
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers
  • Biobased polymer systems
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Antifouling and polymer adhesion