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Materials Today Conference 2025

23-26 June 2025 | Sitges, Spain

The Materials Today Conference 2025 is organised by Elsevier in association with the Materials Today journals.

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Organised in partnership with the Materials Today family of journals, the Materials Today Conference offers the materials science community a highly-visible platform to showcase their latest and novel research alongside Materials Today authors, reviewers and editors with publication opportunities for accepted authors in addition to a number of awards.

This second conference in the series focuses on how materials science research plays a vital role in addressing major global challenges. A comprehensive three-day program will be focused on the following three key areas a) Energy and sustainability b) Soft and biomaterials and c) Advanced functional and structural materials.

The conference will offer the materials science community an exciting and highly visible platform to showcase their latest and novel research. The vibrant setting will also allow for close interactions between distinguished speakers and like-minded scientists.

The conference welcomes all materials scientists, regardless of what stage they are at in their research careers. Attendees will be able to discover, share and discuss the latest and most novel research in the materials science field.

Conference deadlines

Abstract deadline: 31 January 2025 Author notification deadline: 12 March 2025 Author registration/ early bird deadline: 28 March 2025

We encourage an inclusive and diverse attendance, with gender and geographical balance among scientists, in order to represent different perspectives in materials science. Rising Stars, Agents of Change Awards in Materials Science will be announced. Furthermore, the conference is set out to initiate a forum to monitor and drive developments and innovations related to future challenges in Materials Science.


The following Awards will be given at the conference:

Poster Awards

Accepted poster submissions are eligible for our Best Poster Awards with 3 winners per topic track, evaluated and voted for by your peers. Finalists will be judged by a committee of experts. All nine winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Best Oral Talk Awards

Accepted contributed talks are eligible for three Best Oral Talk Awards - one for each topic track. Interested authors should complete the self-nomination formopens in new tab/window by 22 June 2025. The scientific committee will attend your talk and the winners will also be announced at the closing ceremony.

Evaluation criteria include the following aspects:

Content: the presented topic is relevant to the field and presented clearly by outlining hypothesis, methods result, and discussion;

Organisation: the presentation is organised and structured with clear and logical headings to guide the audience through the talk;

Delivery: the presenter is clearly audible while presenting his/her work and maintains good eye contact with the audience which invokes interest, while using visual aids effectively;

Originality: the work presented is original and innovative and introduces unique ideas demonstrating scientific novelty;

Impact: the work presented is scientifically significant with practical or theoretical implications demonstrating a high level of impact and importance in the respective field

Learn and participate

Present your latest research: Abstracts are invited by 31 January 2025 for talks and posters on the themes of the conference.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Choose from a variety of sponsorship and commercial options to raise your profile and position your company as a thought leader in the community.

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Session tracks

Energy & Sustainability Track

Clean and renewable energy is globally indispensable towards the society and earth sustainability. Scientists are putting tremendous effort and resources in conducting energy research, including energy harvesting, conversion, storage, and utilization. This is a highly interdisciplinary field that is full of opportunities as well as challenges. It is encouraging that more young researchers are keen to contribute to this field. Hence, it is important that scientists have opportunities to exchange timely information, forge new ideas, and foster collaborations, eventually to boost the applications and benefit a sustainable society. This Track will provide an excellent platform for scientists in the energy community to discuss the breakthroughs, challenges, and perspectives in the following four selected themes:

- Batteries

- Solar energy harvesting

- Hydrogen generation

- Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage

Soft & Biomaterials Track

Tremendous progress has been made in the design, synthesis and application of soft materials in recent years. Deeper insight into the molecular properties of such materials has permitted the synthesis of high-performance polymers, hydrogels and colloids, and the modification of biological materials, across multiple dimensions and length scales. Soft materials are especially important in biomedical and biotechnological fields, where their properties can be tailored to optimise interactions with biomolecules, microorganisms, cells and organs/tissues. This symposium will provide an exciting forum for researchers to discuss recent developments in theory and experiment that underpin the development of functional soft materials, and their exploitation in biological systems, and identify future challenges for the materials science and engineering communities.

Advanced Functional & Structural Materials Track

Materials are essential for many fields of science, engineering and industry. The design and fabrication of advanced functional & structural materials are becoming increasingly important for building high-performance devices, components and systems, with a synergic effort of scientists that spans physics, chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology. This track aims to address the key issues of advanced materials for many aspects of modern life. Its themes are at the heart of global technological challenges, including synthesis of advanced structural materials, advanced materials characterization, materials simulation, the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of novel materials, materials for energy, catalysis, microelectronics, healthcare, and many other key applications. This track provides a platform for young scientists with diverse backgrounds to work together towards new materials for our sustainable world.

Themes will include:

-Advanced Structural Materials

-Materials Characterisation

-Materials Degradation and Extreme Materials

Supporting Publications

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Materials Today Conference 2023

The inaugural Materials Today conference was held 2-5 August 2023 at the Singapore Expo in Singapore.