ClinicalKey, Step forward - Pierrer-André Bécherel, Hôpital Privé d'Antony (France)

I'm Dr. Bécherel, I'm head of the dermatology department of Antony private hospital where we get skin diseases, immune diseases and inflammatory diseases.

Before having ClinicalKey

To make the bibliography and to have access to scientific information, we have been using PubMed, in other words, the great software of medical bibliography, with the problem of having only summaries, short abstracts.

Today with ClinicalKey

It's important because precisely every time that a problem arises, medical for instance, that needs to be explored or deepened...It allows us to have on a lot of magazines full texts, so to get to the bottom of things, to see what the protocols are which can then be used by other teams for example so we can really study them and eventually see how to adapt them to our practice, which was impossible with previous resources.

The 3 main advantages of ClinicalKey

So the advantages are:  full texts, it's fundamental, It makes it possible to work, to make staff much more precise, complete; having overviews, this tool is really important. This provides us with tools to unify practices, so that everyone in the team ends up doing the same thing; and then there are also sometimes clinical cases, which are actually provided on this tool,which allows staff, both medical team, interns  for example to train, to discuss together, and therefore, to move forward at the same the resolution of problems.

If you had to recommend ClinicalKey to one of your colleagues

Then I would say to him/her: for the efficiency of the work...bibliographical which is nevertheless essential to maintain medical quality, medical training, to get access to the texts, to the recommendations, to have access to the new therapies, ClinicalKey allows you to have a full text access, and therefore to really dig into all these practices, and not to be satisfied with short abstracts, which was again the case previously, and what is far too little to do things the right way essential and reliable information where and when you need it.

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