Interview with... Dr Elena Puerto, University Hospital, Madrid (Spain)

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1. Please briefly describe your role within your organisation.

I work as a Cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Acute Care Unit of the H. U. October 12.

2. What are your key challenges in accessing evidence-based information in your daily role?

Unlimited and immediate access to quality publications through specialized medical information search platforms.

3. From your perspective, what are the main benefits of using ClinicalKey?

  • Access to expert reviews and summaries of medical topics
  • Access to images whose reliability and concordance is guaranteed, unlike those obtained with general search engines
  • Possibility of using the material found in clinical sessions.

4. Do you think ClinicalKey has improved your ability to improve clinical decision making? How and in which area?

It has made it easier for me to quickly and reliably review unknown topics, as well as elaborating on clinical presentations for my department.

5. Please tell us about anything you now do differently as a result of using ClinicalKey, to benefit that of yourself and of the patient.

Delivery of clinical information for the patient and their relatives about their disease, using the available material in the education section, in addition to that offered verbally.

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