Interview with... Dr Antonio Cartón, Hospital La Paz, Madrid (Spain)

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1. Please briefly describe your role within your organisation.

Specialist Physician: Child consultation care with congenital and acquired heart disease. Tutor of residents. Organizer of scientific sessions.

2. What are your key challenges in accessing evidence-based information in your daily role?

The awareness of the tools available at the institution; as well as the practical training in its use within the residency program and the updating of medical personnel.

3. From your perspective, what are the main benefits of using ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey integrates different sources of clinical information (journals, books ...) in a single platform. In addition, it allows access to training material (i.e. images, videos).

4. Do you think ClinicalKey has improved your ability to improve clinical decision making? How and in which area?

It has improved it in the way of organizing the information that is sought when clinical questions arise. Enquiries of interest have a structural research deficit in our specialty that ClinicalKey has helped to compensate.

5. Please tell us about anything you now do differently as a result of using ClinicalKey, to benefit that of yourself and of the patient

It has simplified the selection of references against a direct search on PubMed.

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