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Today as never before you are looking to find the best way to help your patients.

ClinicalKey helps you find the right answers in the way thast is needed in these challenging times. Hear stories from ClinicalKey users about how they adapted their practices with Elsevier online solution.

Alfons Giesen, Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (The Netherlands)

How ClinicalKey is one of the leading factors in his development to improve clinical decision making.

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Christian Bergek, Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden)

How ClinicalKey provides access to current clinical content from books, book chapters/reviews on any clinical specialty.

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Johan Hjort, Drammen hospital (Norway)

The importance of having access to the latest evidence-based literature.

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Loïc Delplanque, The Imelda Hospital (Belgium)

The role ClinicalKey plays in accessing essential & reliable information where & when you need it.

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Beatrice  Daoud, Hôpital Privé d'Antony (France)

The benefits of having ClinicalKey accessible where and when she needs it, providing a comprehensive evidence-based viewpoint.

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Pierre-André Bécherel, Hôpital Privé d'Antony (France)

The importance of having evidence-based tools such as ClinicalKey available to be able to unify their practices.

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New - COVID-19 Clinical Toolkit

Freely available resources to help your organisation deliver a comprehensive COVID-19 support program.

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