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Dear Readers,

Let me start by wishing you each a peaceful start to the new year. Many thanks for visiting Authors' Update. I hope that the articles that we’ve been publishing have proved useful to you in your roles and have helped to shed some light on the tools and initiatives that we’re developing at Elsevier to make your lives easier.

As I start to consider 2019 and the articles that we could publish in Authors' Update, I wanted to take the opportunity to check in with you about the sorts of content that you would like to see here. What sort of topics would be most beneficial for you? Is there anything that you want more of? Anything you never want to see again?! Something we’ve not yet covered?

If there is something on which you’d like to see an article; please let me know via the comments field below. I can’t guarantee that we will be able to publish on every single topic, but I’ll certainly do my best to accommodate as broad a range of stories as possible. And if there’s anything else that would make Authors' Update a more useful resource for you, do let me know your thoughts and suggestions there, too.

Whatever your plans for 2019, I hope you enjoy a positive and rewarding year. I will look forward to interacting with some of you over the stories and I’ll thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions you’d care to make.

With every good wish,

Christopher Tancock

January 2019




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