Research Highlights app makes it easy to keep tabs on new research

A recently-launched free app makes it easy to keep tabs on new research

Research Highlights harnesses the power of Scopus to let researchers track their critical search terms across 20,000+ peer-reviewed journals from hundreds of publishers.

Users can check author-written bulleted highlights and/or the abstract to determine which articles to read in full. Those they select will be sent to their inbox. Content licenses will also be recognized.

While it may be fine to scan article lists and read a few bullets or a short abstract on the small screen of a mobile device, lengthy full-text articles are not easy to consume that way. The Research Highlights app recognizes which parts of the literature search can be comfortably carried out on a mobile device and which parts are more easily performed elsewhere.

We encourage you to try out the app. If you like it, please do tweet about it and recommend it to colleagues and

Article author

David Allen is end user for Marketing, IPD, Elsevier

This article was originally published in Editors' Update on 30 January 2014.

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