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Introducing the Transfer Tool and the Resubmission Assistant

By Alina Helsloot - November 12, 2020  3 mins
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Submitting your manuscript and getting it to the right journal can be a lengthy and repetitive affair. We hear through our feedback programs that the submission process can sometimes be a pain, and we understand that having to restart the search for a new journal once rejected can be a long and disappointing experience.

At Elsevier, we’re committed to making this process as fast, efficient and author friendly as possible. That is why we are continuously experimenting with initiatives for improvement, in collaboration with you, our author community. This year, several of you and your fellow researchers joined our newly-created Publishing Lab and are now helping us enhance the publishing experience, ensuring we develop tools and services that authors (and reviewers and editors!) find important and useful. With your insights and feedback, we’ve been able to focus our efforts to target your major pain points.

One of these recent developments is the Transfer Tool. If your manuscript is rejected and offered a transfer, we present you with a shortlist of alternative journals from Elsevier’s portfolio of academic publications, carefully chosen just for you by an editor.

A screenshot showing Elsevier's Transfer Tool

Elsevier's author Transfer Tool in action

You can easily select the journal which is most suitable for your needs and transfer your paper to the new title in just a few short clicks. For each of the suggested titles, you can view key information such as CiteScore, Impact Factor, acceptance rate, time to first decision, aims & scope and subject area(s). We hope that the Transfer Tool will speed up your manuscript’s journey to the most suitable journal.

Another, related initiative is the Resubmission Assistant. If your paper is deemed out-of-scope for the journal you first submitted to, we will offer you alternative journal options suited to your paper based on manuscript-to-journal matching algorithms. The page on which the recommendations are shown provides insightful information on the alternative titles and the ability to easily share this information with co-authors.  We are aware that many authors use a mobile device to explore the journal landscape, and therefore the page was designed with a mobile-first approach. With the Resubmission Assistant, we hope to ease your search for the perfect destination for your paper by placing the latest journal search technology at your fingertips.

Both the Transfer Tool and the Resubmission Assistant are intended to help you decide which journal your manuscript should be submitted to, and to facilitate a smooth and automated gateway into that journal for your paper. In the list of transfer destinations and journal recommendations we will always provide a selection of relevant open access journals, either subject-area specific or cross-disciplinary, alongside subscription-based titles. We hope that this will enable you to always publish your paper under the model of your choice.

These new services are designed to save you valuable time, so you can focus on what you do best: research that advances knowledge. We’d love to hear your comments on these initiatives, and we are always eager to further improve. Please share your ideas and feedback with us in the comments section below. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work on further innovations to make your authoring tasks easier!


Alina Helsloot
Written by

Alina Helsloot

Written by

Alina Helsloot

Alina Helsloot has worked in STM journal publishing for the past 11 years. She has managed various portfolios in Life Sciences as Executive Publisher and became Head of Author Experience at Elsevier in 2017. Alina’s international team develops products and services that help authors publish successfully and under their model of choice, while providing them with the best possible experience.

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